Artist: Randy Cole

Mediums: Watercolor / Acrylic

Randy Cole started drawing and playing with ink drawings and watercolors at the tender age of nine. Mostly because he was bored. Little did he know of the artistic adventures that lay before him in his adult life.

With the last two years of high school classes almost exclusively in music and art, he graduated and left the small Eastern Oregon town of Baker City, for Portland State Univ. where he furthered his art studies in design. He then went on to live in Munich, Germany, for 20 years as a designer of children’s music books.

His painting style wanders quite a bit and it is hard to pin it down to any particular genre. Another sign of how easily he gets bored with any one particular style, medium, topic, or direction. It is never a given that the next painting will be something “typical” or expected.

One of the greatest goals in Randy’s painting efforts is that of offering his paintings at a price almost anyone can afford. Especially his ‘Remarque’ prints on real canvas with real acrylic paint, which are painted over once again, giving it the same surface structure that the original has, which causes a reflection of light on its surface that not flat, dead print ever could.